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Men's Rimless Flexure Eyeglasses Model # 413x

Men's Rimless Flexure Eyeglasses Model # 413x
Discounted Men's Rimless ( Frameless ) Eye Glass frames. Hi quality Rimless Flexure light weight eyeglasses frame. Affordable eyeglass prices and high quality Rx eyeglass lenses is what we offer.
Model: fx26 by Flexure

Retail Price $189.99
Sale Price: $99.95
Frame Color 11017Black
Frame Color 11017Chocolate
Frame Color 11017Gun Metal
 With Lenses

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Frame Size Information

51 mm
17 mm
140 mm

Discounted Men's Eye Glasses frames.      

Hi quality Rimless ( Frameless ) Flexure light weight eyeglasses  frame. Affordable eyeglass prices and high quality Rx eyeglass lenses is what we offer.

Rimless frames are the lightest type of all eyeglass frames because there is simply less frame material sitting on your face.  A light frame is generally, more comfortable, less noticeable, and it usually stays on better than a heavier frame.  A rimless frame hides the least amount of your face and your eyes, whereas other frame styles are designed to be seen and to cover up parts of your face.

Rimless are eyeglasses that have no frame and going around the lens. Rimless eyeglasses frames come in three pieces (two temples and the bridge piece) which are held together by the lenses. The lenses become part of the frame structure and so the lenses must be tough and strong to put up with this extra work.  As a result, regular plastic lenses cannot be used in a rimless eyeglass frame. Polycarbonate, Trivex, or high index lenses must be used for rimless eyeglasses.

At EyeGlasses4You.net, we do not charge for the drill mounting process, however we do require that all rimless eyeglasses use high quality lenses so that our product is perfect and will last you for years.

Flexible frames are made with a variety of high-tech composite alloys that allow for bend ability.  They do withstand more abuse then a regular metal frames.

Memory Metal that returns to shape, even after accidental bending or twisting makes Flexon frames the world's most durable and comfortable.

Flexon is almost as flexible as rubber, yet it exhibits all of the properties of conventional metals, with several unique benefits.  Flexon wearers find that while Flexon frames are not indestructible, they are more durable, 25% lighter in weight than other frames, non-corrosive and more comfortable.

Flexon is a metal alloy of titanium and nickel. Unlike other metals, Flexon can "remember" and return to its original shape. In fact, Flexon is the world's most flexible metal.  Flexon is used in the bridge, (and top bar of aviator styles) as well as in the temples of the frame.  This allows the frame to keep the shape originally set by the dispenser. Once fit they stay fit.

             Flexible: 8 times springier than spring steel

             Light: 25% lighter than conventional metals

             Corrosion resistant: won't corrode or tarnish

             Fatigue - resistant: won't kink - resists breakage



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