Note to AOL Users

AOL users may notice that pictures on the FreshDirect Web site appear blurry or discolored. See the instructions below to change your AOL preferences so you can view images from our and other Web sites at their original quality.

AOL reduces the size and quality of all images viewed using its Web browser and default settings. This compression may make some pages load more quickly, but it also distorts the images. We have done all we can to ensure that our site responds quickly. So we recommend that AOL users follow the steps below to turn off the additional compression for the best view of our products.

Instructions for users of AOL Versions 6 and 7
1. Click "Settings" at the top of the AOL window
2. Select "Preferences"
3. Click "Internet Properties (WWW)"
4. Click on the "Web Graphics" tab
5. Select "Never compress graphics"
6. Click the "OK" button


That's all there is to it!
Any images that you have already viewed will look the same, but you'll be able to view new pages with their intended clarity. To reset all images, you must clear your AOL "cache," or local storage of image files. Consult AOL's help section for instructions.

If Web pages load too slowly after making this change, you can follow the same steps and select "Always compress graphics" to turn AOL compression back on. 

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